How Much To Repair Ps5 Controller Without Warranty

How Much To Repair Ps5 Controller Without Warranty

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Getting a new PlayStation 5 console is difficult enough these days with all the supply chain issues. But once you have the coveted device, you want to make sure you take good care of it. That includes the PS5 controller, which can suffer wear and tear or even get damaged by accident. If something goes wrong with your controller, you may need to get it repaired. But how much does PS5 controller repair cost if you don’t have a warranty?

Factors That Affect Repair Ps5 Controller Without Warranty Cost

Several key factors determine how much you’ll pay for out-of-warranty PS5 controller repair:

1. What’s the exact problem or damage?

Some controller issues are relatively minor, like a stuck button that just needs cleaning. Others are more involved, like a broken analog stick mechanism or significant water damage. More complex fixes that require complete disassembly and replacement of multiple components will cost more.

2. Are replacement parts needed?

If any parts need to be replaced, like thumbstick modules or trigger springs, the prices of those replacement parts will get added to your repair bill. OEM PS5 replacement components aren’t cheap.

3. Will you repair it yourself or use a service?

You can often save money by doing DIY home repairs on a PS5 controller. But that requires technical skill and specialized tools. Using a professional repair service typically costs more but is easier and less risky.

4. Does the repair shop do component-level fixes?

Some repair shops simply replace entire controller boards or other major components. Others have the micro soldering equipment and technical expertise to do more targeted fixes of individual ICs or connectors. Component-level repair takes longer but costs less.

Repair Ps5 Controller Without Warranty Cost Estimates

With those factors in mind, here are some rough estimates for out-of-warranty PS5 controller repairs:

  • Button cleaning or replacement: $10 – $30
  • Thumbstick module replacement: $15 – $50
  • Trigger repair: $12 – $40
  • Battery or cable replacement: $25 – $60
  • Complete joystick assembly swap: $55 – $75
  • Charging port fix: $45 – $90
  • Full board repair: $100 – $150

As you can see, costs vary widely based on the specific problem. Full board replacements with minimal troubleshooting or component repair will be at the high end. Precise component-level fixes of individual controller issues will cost less.

Options to Repair a PS5 Controller Affordably

To save money on PS5 controller repair without warranty coverage, consider these options:

  • Do it yourself (DIY). With the right technical skills and tools, you can repair many issues like stuck buttons, drift, and cable damage for less than $25 in parts. Watch online repair videos to learn.
  • Use independent repair shops. They often charge lower hourly rates than big-name service centers. Search for local electronics or game controller repair shops.
  • Buy used/broken controllers. You may be able to find controllers cheap with working components you can salvage. Swap the working parts into your damaged controller.
  • Find controller trade-in deals. Some retailers offer trade-in credits towards a new controller if you send in your broken one. You get a discount on a replacement.
  • Negotiate partial repair costs. For complex issues, ask the repair shop if they’ll fix only the essential problem now, and you’ll handle other issues later.
  • Buy third-party replacement parts. Using cheap aftermarket components instead of OEM Sony parts can significantly lower repair bills. But quality varies.

While PS5 controller repair without a warranty will cost you something, utilizing these cost-saving methods can help reduce the sting. With some effort, you may be able to get your controller fixed for under $50 in many cases.

Professional PS5 Controller Repair Services

If you want hassle-free controller repair from an experienced service, these are some of the top professional options to consider:

Sony Direct PS5 Repairs

Sony handles PS5 controller repairs at their own service centers. They charge flat rate fees:

  • $39 for DualSense controller repair
  • $49 for DualShock 4 controller repair

Upsides are quality OEM parts and workmanship. The downsides are the higher cost and longer turnaround time.


This national chain of repair shops charges $74.99 for flat-rate PS5 controller repair service. They can handle issues like stick drift, water damage, and broken buttons. The upsides are convenience, quick repairs, and shops across the U.S.

CPR Cell Phone Repair

With locations around the U.S., CPR Cell Phone Repair stores also service PS5 controllers. They charge $50 for diagnostic fees. Repair costs vary based on parts/labor needed. CPR handles button issues, battery replacement, joystick defects, and more.


Many local GameStop stores offer PS5 controller repair, though service availability varies by location. Costs range from $40 – $75 based on the issue. They don’t do component-level repair, only full part swaps. The upside is in-person drop-off/pick-up.

Handle Your PS5 Controller Repairs Affordably

While PS5 controllers are expensive accessories, you don’t necessarily need to pay a fortune when they break down outside of the warranty period. Using DIY fixes, shopping around for deals, buying used parts, and negotiating repair costs can all potentially save you significant money over Sony’s out-of-warranty fees and premium service center pricing.

With some research and effort, you can likely get your damaged DualSense controller repaired affordably. That way, you can get back in the game without breaking the bank.

FAQ About Repair Ps5 Controller Without Warranty

How much does it cost to fix the PS5 controller stick drift without a warranty?

Fixing stick drift will cost $20 – $75 without warranty depending on whether you can just replace the thumbstick modules ($15 – $50) or need to replace the entire joystick assembly ($55 – $75). DIY drift fixes can cost under $25.

Can you repair a water-damaged PS5 controller?

Yes, water-damaged PS5 controllers can often be repaired by cleaning corrosion, drying components, and potentially replacing any shorted-out parts. The cost will range from $60 – $150 based on the extent of damage. Severe liquid damage may be beyond repair.

Is it worth fixing a PS5 controller or better to replace it?

For minor issues like stick drift or individual button failure, repair is often worth about $50 – $75 vs. buying a new $69 controller. But if multiple components have failed, replacement may be better than $100+ for full board repair.

How can I make PS5 controller repairs cheaper?

Use DIY fixes, buy used/aftermarket parts instead of OEM, negotiate partial repairs, find deals at independent shops instead of Sony, and trade in your damaged controller if possible. These can all lower your repair costs.

Can I repair the adaptive triggers on a PS5 controller?

Yes, the adaptive triggers can be repaired, but it requires excellent soldering skills. Replacement parts run $15-$30 each. So it’s often cheaper to replace the whole trigger assembly unless you DIY. Repair shops will charge $40+.

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