How Long Does a PS5 Controller Take to Charge

How Long Does a PS5 Controller Take to Charge?

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If you’re a proud PlayStation 5 (PS5) console owner, you know how vital the DualSense controller is to your gaming experience. The DualSense controller is ergonomically designed, and features advanced haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, enhancing immersion in your favorite games. However, like any electronic device, the controller must be charged regularly to ensure uninterrupted gaming sessions. In this article, we’ll explore how long it takes to charge a PS5 controller and provide valuable insights to optimize your gaming routine.

Key Takeaways On Charge a PS5 Controller

  • A fully depleted DualSense controller takes about 3 hours to charge from 0-100% via USB-C cable or charging dock.
  • You can play while charging from a cable, but it slows down charging speed
  • Optimizing settings like vibration intensity and microphone mute status can significantly boost battery life
  • If the controller won’t set, first swap cables and ports before trying advanced troubleshooting
  • Sony provides a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty on DualSense controllers

Quick Charging for the Win

The PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller can provide anywhere from 6-12 hours of gameplay on a single charge, depending on usage. However, many users have noticed the battery life decreasing over time. Charging a fully depleted DualSense controller takes around 3 hours using the included USB-C cable or an optional charging dock. There are also several tweaks you can make to extend the battery life.

Charging Time with USB-C Cable

The fastest way to charge a DualSense controller is by connecting it directly to the PlayStation 5 console using the USB-C cable. According to Sony, charging for approximately 1 hour will provide roughly 6 hours of gameplay. So, setting a fully depleted battery from 0% to 100% takes about 3 hours.

Using any USB-C cable, you can connect the controller to a wall charger, power bank, PC, or laptop. The charging time can vary slightly depending on the charger’s power output, but expect a full charge to take around 2-3 hours still.

One advantage of using the cable is that you can continue playing while charging. Just note that it may take longer to reach a full charge if actively gaming.

Charging Time with Docking Station

For those with multiple DualSense controllers, a charging dock is highly recommended. Sony’s official DualSense Charging Station can charge two controllers simultaneously via click-in docking.

According to Sony, the first-party charging station can fully charge one or two depleted controllers in approximately 3 hours. So if you dock the controllers whenever not in use, you’ll always have a spare on standby.

Third-party options from PowerA and Otium also claim to charge controllers in around 2.5 to 3 hours. These can be a more affordable alternative to Sony’s $30 dock.

Tips to Extend Battery Life: Charge a PS5 controller.

To squeeze some extra usage out of the DualSense before needing to charge, here are some handy tweaks:

  • Lower speaker volume
  • Reduce vibration intensity
  • Lower trigger effect intensity
  • Dim controller light bar brightness
  • Mute microphone when not in use
  • Disable HD rumble
  • Use a wired headset over a wireless

Disabling unused features like rumble or the microphone can provide quite a boost. Also, try not to overcharge the battery, as that shortens the lifespan.

What to Do if Your Controller Won’t Charge

If your DualSense controller isn’t charging correctly from either the USB cable or charging dock, try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Inspect the USB cable and port for damage.
  • Try different cables and ports.
  • Clean charging contacts with an air duster
  • Make sure PS5 firmware and controller firmware are updated
  • Reset controller (small button on the back)
  • Contact Sony support if the issue persists.

Conclusion About Charge a PS5 controller

Knowing how long it takes to charge your PS5 controller is essential for planning your gaming sessions effectively. Considering factors such as battery level, charging method, and power source, you can optimize the charging time and ensure your controller is ready for extended gaming sessions. Remember to follow the tips in this article to make the most of your charging experience and enjoy uninterrupted gaming on your PlayStation 5.


How fast can the PS5 controller charge?

The PS5 controller charges uniquely fast, boasting rapid replenishment in just minutes, offering a swift return to gaming action for enthusiasts seeking uninterrupted playtime.

How do I know my PS5 controller is fully charged?

When your PS5 controller is fully charged, its indicator light changes from orange to white, signaling completion. Additionally, the charging cable can be disconnected, allowing wireless gameplay. This unique feature ensures convenience and clarity, letting you know precisely when your controller is ready for immersive gaming sessions.

How long does PS5 controller battery last?

Depending on usage and settings, the PS5 controller battery lasts approximately 12-15 hours on a single charge. Its long-lasting performance ensures extended gaming sessions without frequent interruptions, providing gamers ample time to delve into immersive worlds and enjoy uninterrupted gameplay experiences.

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