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The 6 Best Perfect Controller for Claw Grip

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Are you tired of your hand cramping up during those intense gaming sessions? Well, fear not, because we’re here to help you find the perfect controller for your claw grip style. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the ins and outs of claw grip controllers, explore different controller grip styles, and ultimately help you choose the best controller for your gaming needs. So, let’s dive in and level up your gaming experience!

Understanding Claw Grip and Controller Grip Styles:

Before we jump into the world of claw grip controllers, let’s take a moment to understand what claw grip is. The claw grip is a popular controller grip style where gamers position their index and middle fingers on the face buttons while arching their fingers to use the shoulder buttons or triggers. It offers precise control and quick access to buttons, making it a favorite among gamers who need fast and accurate inputs.

Now, let’s explore the different controller grip styles to get a better understanding of how they affect gameplay:

Palm Grip:

The palm grip is a more traditional grip style where gamers rest their entire hand on the controller, with the thumb reaching for the face buttons. It provides a comfortable and relaxed grip, but it may not offer the same level of precision as the claw grip.

Fingertip Grip:

The fingertip grip involves resting the fingers on the face buttons while keeping the palm and the rest of the hand elevated. This grip style allows for quick and precise movements but may require more effort to reach the shoulder buttons.

Claw Grip:

As mentioned earlier, the claw grip is characterized by arching the fingers to access the face buttons while keeping the palm elevated. This grip style offers excellent control and quick access to buttons, making it ideal for fast-paced games.

Comparing the Best Controllers for Claw Grip

Now that we understand the importance of grip styles, let’s compare the top controllers that are well-suited for claw grip:

1. Microsoft Bluetooth Elite Series 2 Controller for claw grip

best controller for claw grip

The Microsoft Bluetooth Elite Series 2 Controller is a top contender for gamers who prefer the claw grip style. Its ergonomic design, featuring adjustable-tension thumbsticks and a wrap-around rubberized grip, ensures comfort during extended gaming sessions.

This controller stands out with its customizable features, such as interchangeable thumbsticks and paddles, allowing gamers to tailor it to their specific playing style. The hair-trigger locks are a boon for quick reactions, vital in competitive gaming.

With up to 40 hours of battery life, it’s not just about playing; it’s about playing at your best. Perfect for Xbox One enthusiasts, this controller represents a fusion of style, comfort, and functionality, making it arguably the best controller for claw grip users seeking an edge in their gaming experience.

Claw Grip Microsoft Xbox Wireless Stellar Shift Controller

best controller for claw grip

The Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller Stellar Shift is a top contender for the title of “best controller for claw grip” gamers. Its sleek design, featuring a new hybrid D-pad and a share button, caters perfectly to those who prefer a claw grip style.

The textured grip on the triggers, bumpers, and back case ensures a firm hold, crucial for gamers who rely on quick, precise movements. Additionally, its wireless and Bluetooth connectivity, along with custom button mapping, offer unmatched flexibility and convenience.

This controller stands out not just for its functionality but also for its stellar shift color, adding a touch of personal flair to your gaming setup.

Whether you’re engaged in intense competitive play or a casual gaming session, this controller is designed to provide a comfortable, responsive gaming experience, making it a fantastic choice for claw grip users.

Nintendo Switch Wireless HORIPAD Claw Grip Controller

best controller for claw grip

The Nintendo Switch Wireless HORIPAD by HORI, in its sleek gray design, is a standout choice for gamers preferring the claw grip style. Its official Nintendo license guarantees compatibility and quality.

The controller’s ergonomic design is perfect for lengthy gaming sessions, ensuring comfort and reducing hand fatigue. The lightweight build, combined with a generous 15-hour battery life per charge, offers uninterrupted gameplay. 

This is compensated by the inclusion of an accelerometer and gyroscope, enhancing motion control for a more immersive experience. Its Bluetooth connectivity extends up to a 32-foot range, giving you freedom of movement.

The HORIPAD is an excellent option for claw grip gamers looking for a blend of style, comfort, and functionality.

Razer Wolverine V2 Controller for Claw Grip Xbox Series

best controller for claw grip

This controller’s ergonomic design is a dream come true for claw grip enthusiasts, offering superior comfort and control. What sets it apart is the removable front-facing buttons, allowing customization that can be tailored to any play style.

Additionally, the mecha-tactile action buttons and D-Pad provide that satisfying clicky feedback essential for precise, responsive gameplay. The trigger stop-switches are a fantastic feature, enabling rapid-fire action that can be crucial in competitive gaming.

The controller’s wired design ensures a lag-free experience, crucial for both casual and professional gamers. Its sleek white color adds a touch of sophistication to any gaming setup.

Overall, the Razer Wolverine V2 is a top-tier choice for those seeking a controller that marries advanced functionality with an ergonomic design for the claw grip style.

Claw Grip Sony Playstation 4 Dual Shock 4 Controller

The Sony PlayStation 4 Dual Shock 4 Controller stands out as an excellent choice for gamers who prefer the claw grip style. This controller is renowned for its comfortable and ergonomic design, which fits naturally in your hands, ensuring ease of use during extended gaming sessions.

The intuitive button layout is ideal for the claw grip, providing easy access to all controls without straining your fingers. The responsive touchpad adds an extra dimension to gameplay, allowing for innovative control schemes in various games.

Moreover, the Dual Shock 4’s impressive haptic feedback and precise analog sticks enhance the gaming experience, making it an all-around solid choice for both casual and competitive gamers.

Whether you’re navigating through action-packed scenes or strategizing in a tactical game, the PS4 Dual Shock 4 Controller delivers reliability and comfort, making it one of the best controllers for claw grip users.

Top Claw Grip 8Bitdo Pro 2 Bluetooth Controller

The 8Bitdo Pro 2 Bluetooth Controller, with its sleek gray edition, is a versatile and highly functional choice for gamers who prefer the claw grip style. Its compatibility with multiple platforms like Switch, PC, macOS, Android, and Steam makes it a universal choice for diverse gaming experiences.

The controller’s ergonomic design ensures comfort and ease of use, especially for those who utilize the claw grip technique. Additionally, the customizable button mapping and adjustable stick sensitivity cater to the unique preferences of each gamer.

The two pro-level back buttons are a game-changer, allowing for more control without the need to move your thumbs away from the thumbsticks. With a built-in 1000mAh lithium battery offering 20 hours of playtime, the 8Bitdo Pro 2 ensures uninterrupted gaming sessions.

Its dual-mode support for both Bluetooth and USB connections adds to its versatility. For gamers seeking a controller that combines functionality, comfort, and adaptability, the 8Bitdo Pro 2 Bluetooth Controller is undoubtedly one of the best options for claw grip.

New Information and Advancements in Claw Grip Controllers

As technology evolves, so do gaming peripherals. Here are some new advancements in claw grip controllers that you should keep an eye out for:

Haptic Feedback:

Some modern controllers incorporate haptic feedback, which provides tactile sensations to enhance immersion. This feature can add a new level of realism to your gaming experience, allowing you to feel the impact of in-game actions.

Adjustable Trigger Sensitivity:

Controllers with adjustable trigger sensitivity allow you to fine-tune the sensitivity of the triggers to match your playstyle. This customization option ensures that every trigger pull is as responsive as you need it to be.

Wireless Connectivity:

Wireless controllers have become increasingly popular, offering freedom of movement without the constraints of cables. Look for controllers with reliable wireless connectivity to eliminate any potential latency issues.


Now that you’re armed with knowledge about claw grip and controller grip styles, as well as a comparison of the top controllers on the market, it’s time to make an informed decision. Consider your gaming preferences, budget, and the features that matter most to you. Finding the best controller for your claw grip will undoubtedly elevate your gaming experience. So, get ready to dominate the virtual world with your newfound gaming companion!

Remember, the perfect controller is the one that fits like a glove, empowering you to unleash your full gaming potential. Happy gaming, claw grip champions!


 Do pro gamers use claw grip?

Yes, many pro gamers use the claw grip technique as it provides better control and faster button inputs. The claw grip allows for quicker access to buttons, making it popular among competitive gamers.

Is claw grip better for aiming?

The claw grip can be advantageous for aiming in certain situations. Its arched finger position allows for precise control and quick movements, which can be beneficial for aiming in fast-paced games. However, the effectiveness of the claw grip ultimately depends on individual preference and comfort.

Is claw the best way to play controller?

The best way to play with a controller ultimately depends on individual preference and comfort. While the claw grip offers advantages such as precise control and quick button inputs, other grip styles like palm or fingertip grip may be preferred by some players.

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