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The 6 Best Controller for Gamers with Big Hands

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For gamers blessed with large hands, finding the right controller that fits comfortably can be a challenge. Whether you’re gaming on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, PC, or mobile, controller ergonomics, and size should never hold you back from enjoying your favorite titles. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down the top considerations for choosing a controller meant for big hands. Then we’ll review our top six picks – all offering extra-large designs, customizable mappings, and other features to accommodate those of us not so dainty-fingered. By the end, you’ll have the power to game in maximum comfort.

What to Consider When Choosing a Controller for Big Hands

Before jumping into our recommendations, let’s cover the key factors that make or break a controller’s suitability for large hands:

Controller Size

Opt for controllers with oversized grips, widened handles or triggers to accommodate wider palms and longer fingers comfortably.

Ergonomic Design

Comfort should be priority #1. Controllers with curved shapes and adjustable components like trigger stops work best.

Button Layout

Easily reachable face buttons and triggers are critical. Extra-large or removable controllers shine here.


Make sure it’s compatible with your preferred gaming systems like Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PC, and more.

Customization Options

Additional programmable buttons, trigger sensitivity adjustments, and phone clip attachments add versatility.

With the top considerations in mind, let’s check out our picks for the most accommodating controllers for big hands.

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 for big hands

best controller for big hands

The Xbox Elite Series 2 takes customization and size to another level. Its extra-large grips and paddles feel snug for even the largest hands. Adjustable-tension thumbsticks and triggers let you fine-tune feel and range.

The standout feature is the ability to remap all buttons and paddles through the app. This controller turns your hands into gaming machines. While pricey, it’s worth it for serious players.


  • Huge, comfortable design
  • Highly customizable button mapping
  • Adjustable thumbstick and trigger tension
  • Rechargeable battery


  • Expensive price tag
  • Durability concerns for some buyers

Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller for Big Hands

best controller for big hands

As the name implies, the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro is designed for limitless customization. Its app allows complete remapping and macro programming across 8 additional programmable buttons.

This PC-compatible controller also touts an oversized design with extra-long handles and triggers. Swappable thumbsticks and D-pads provide endless part replacements.


  • Ultra-customizable button mapping
  • Oversized form for big hands
  • Modular and replaceable components


  • Button placement may take adjusting
  • Premium price for full advantages

8Bitdo Pro 2 Wireless Controller for Big Hands

best controller for big hands

8Bitdo packs pro-level features into a controller spanning all platforms. The 8Bitdo Pro 2 stands out with its wide frame and elongated triggers. Its D-pad and face buttons feel optimized for fighters.

Through the app, remap every input across four profiles. MACROS enables one-button combo execution. Survey says: perfect for large hands wanting versatility across Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC.


  • Cross-compatibility
  • Comfortable size for big hands
  • Programmable macros


  • No rumble motor or triggers
  • The software could use polish

Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma Controller for Big Hands

best controller for big hands

For those who prize comfort and customization above all else, the Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma shines. Its soft-touch grips are roomy, while extra-long triggers feel heavenly.

Through Razer’s Synapse software, remap all buttons, triggers, and two rear-mounted multi-function buttons. Presets optimize your game genres. Mechanical action on the extra-responsive triggers enhances immersion.


  • Super-plush design for big hands
  • Extremely customizable buttons
  • Mechanical trigger feel


  • Xbox compatibility only
  • Software hiccups reported

PowerA Fusion Pro Controller

While affordable, the PowerA Fusion Pro proves you don’t need to spend a fortune getting a great-fitting controller. Ergonomic curves cradle hands of all sizes, while triggers deliver a generous pull.

Four additional programmable buttons and gaming/media profiles through the companion app bring customization at a discount. Motion controls add motion-based play options on Switch. All in all, a high-value pick for big-handed gamers.


  • Incredible price for features
  • Comfortable design for all hand sizes
  • Customizable button remapping


  • Build quality not on par with pricier units
  • The software could be more full-featured

Astro C40 TR Controller

Modular design is why the Astro C40 TR earns top marks for customization. Swap the analog modules to your liking for comfort. Through the T.A.C. mapping software, remap triggers, paddles, and face/shoulder buttons across four profiles.

Comfort-grip textured side panels cradle even the most hefty hands. Precision components like hair trigger locks deliver split-second responses. Need a controller tailored entirely to your preferences? Astro has you covered.


  • Completely customizable module setup
  • Comfortable textured grips
  • Precision components and remapping


  • The expense of customizing fully
  • Occasional software bugs reported


Whether you prefer plug-and-play simplicity or full-on customization, this guide showcases excellent controller options for gamers with big hands. Consider your needs, preferred platforms, and budget when choosing. With the right oversized design, you can game comfortably for hours without hand fatigue. Now get out there and dominate with your large hands in maximum comfort!


Which controller is the most comfortable? ChatGPT

The comfort of a controller can be subjective, but many find the Xbox Series X/S controller to be the most comfortable due to its ergonomic design and textured grip.

How do you hold an Xbox controller with big hands? ChatGPT

To hold an Xbox controller with big hands, grip it firmly, with your fingers wrapping around the handles and your thumbs resting on the thumbsticks. Adjust your grip for comfort, and consider using controller grips or extensions if needed.

Which company controller is best?

The “best” controller depends on personal preference and the gaming platform. Companies like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo produce popular controllers. Gamers often favor the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation DualSense controllers for their features and comfort.

What is the easiest controller to use?

The easiest controller to use can vary depending on individual preferences and gaming experience. However, many beginners find the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller or the Xbox Series X/S controller user-friendly due to their ergonomic design and intuitive button layout.

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