how to use torch bg3 controller

A Guide How To Use Torch Bg3 Controller

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Whether delving deep into dark dungeons or traversing moonlit forests under the cover of night, light sources are an essential tool in Baldur’s Gate 3. However, adeptly managing torches with a controller can prove more challenging compared to keyboard and mouse. This guidehow to use torch bg3 controller will provide tips and tricks to help you effectively wield flames on the fly with a gamepad.

Why Torche Matter in Bg3 Controller :

Imagine exploring the Underdark without a flicker of light. Not only does darkness obscure hidden treasures and dangers, but it also throws your combat prowess into disarray. Torches become your lifeline, revealing secrets, igniting mechanisms, and even dealing fire damage to vulnerable foes.

But before you dive into torch-slinging heroics, let’s address the elephant in the room: controllers and torches can feel like an awkward tango at first. Don’t worry, this guide will have you waltzing through the shadows with ease!

Key Takeaways On Torch Bg3 Controller:

  • Equipping and toggling torches on a controller requires different methods than keyboard and mouse.
  • Master quick weapon swapping for efficient combat with and without torches.
  • Utilize the strategic advantages of throwing torches, but be mindful of drawbacks.
  • Explore the unique abilities of magical torches to enhance your gameplay.
  • Optimize torch usage with fuel conservation and alternative light sources.

Equipping Your Light Source:

Finding Your Torch Bg3 Controller:

Torches are scattered throughout BG3, waiting to be looted from chests, purchased from vendors, or even crafted with the right ingredients. Keep your eyes peeled, especially in dungeons and ruins, where darkness reigns supreme. You might even stumble upon magical Torch Bg3 Controller with unique abilities!

The Dedicated Slot:

Unlike their keyboard-and-mouse counterparts, controller users have a designated “Light Source” slot in their inventory. This is your torch’s home, and equipping it is a breeze. Simply:

  1. Open your inventory: Press the Select button (usually the touchpad).
  2. Navigate to the “Light Source” slot: Use the D-Pad or analog stick.
  3. Equip your torch: Press the A button (usually the green button on Xbox or the X button on PlayStation).

Toggling the Light:

Unlike a dedicated “light” button, controllers require alternative methods to activate your torch:

  • Hold Up on D-Pad: This is the quickest way to toggle your torch on and off. However, holding the button can interrupt other actions.
  • Quick Inventory Access: Press and hold Left Trigger + D-Pad Up to access your quick inventory. Select the torch to toggle it. This method is slower but doesn’t interfere with other actions.

Pro Tip: Experiment and see which method suits your playstyle best!

Advanced Torch Techniques:

Throwing Your Fiery Fury:

Torches aren’t just for illumination; they can be thrown! With the torch equipped:

  1. Target an area: Use the right stick to aim.
  2. Press the “Throw” button: This is usually Y button (Xbox) or Triangle button (PlayStation).

Strategic Uses Of Torch Bg3 Controller:

  • Ignite oil spills: Create fiery traps for unsuspecting enemies.
  • Activate hidden mechanisms: Some puzzles require a torch’s touch.
  • Distract foes: Lure enemies away with a well-placed torch toss.

Remember: Throwing consumes your torch, so use it wisely! Be mindful of friendly fire too, especially in tight spaces.

Weapon Swapping:

While tempting, you can’t wield a torch and your main weapon simultaneously. However, quick weapon swapping is crucial in combat. Consider:

  • Mapping a hotkey: If your controller allows, map a button to quickly switch between your main weapon and the torch.
  • Practice the flow: Get used to swapping between weapons and torches during combat for maximum efficiency.

Magical Marvels:

Magical Torch Bg3 Controller add another layer of excitement. To activate their abilities:

  1. Equip the magical torch.
  2. Press and hold the “Ability” button: This is usually B button (Xbox) or Circle button (PlayStation).
  3. Select the desired ability: Use the D-Pad or analog stick.

Examples of Magical Torch Bg3 Controller Effects:

  • Cast Light: Illuminate a wider area than a regular torch.
  • Detect Hidden Objects: Reveal secrets invisible to the naked eye.
  • Deal Elemental Damage: Burn your foes with fire or shock them with lightning.

Experiment with different magical torches to discover their unique powers!

Troubleshooting and Tips:

Torch Not Lighting Up?

  • Fuel Depleted: Find a new torch! Remember, torches have limited uses.
  • Not Equipped: Double-check that the torch is equipped in the “Light Source” slot.

Accidental Self-Immolation:

  • Be mindful of your surroundings: Don’t throw Torch Bg3 Controller near flammable objects (including yourself!).
  • Aim carefully: Use the right stick to target precisely.
  • Be aware of friendly fire: Avoid teammates when throwing Torch Bg3 Controller.

Optimizing Torch Bg3 Controller Usage:

  • Conserve fuel: Use your torch only when necessary. Explore with alternative light sources like the “Darkvision” spell or class features like the Rogue’s “Cunning Action: Hide.”
  • Carry multiple torches: Be prepared for long expeditions or areas with limited fuel sources.
  • Craft torches: Gather the necessary materials (wood, oil) to craft torches on the go.


1. Can I remap the torch toggle button?

Unfortunately, remapping controller buttons within BG3 is currently not possible. However, some external controller software might offer remapping options.

2. What are some hidden secrets revealed by magical torches?

Hidden passages, pressure plates, and even invisible enemies can be uncovered with the right magical torch ability. Explore and experiment!

3. Are there any other ways to throw torches?

Yes! You can use the “Throw” action while aiming with the right stick to hurl your torch in any direction. However, this method is less precise than using the quick inventory access.

4. How do I deal with enemies immune to fire damage from torches?

Switch to your main weapon or use spells that exploit their vulnerabilities. Remember, torches are just one tool in your arsenal.

5. Can I use torches underwater?

Regular torches won’t work underwater, but some magical torches might have special abilities that allow them to function even in wet environments.


Remember, practice makes perfect! With this guide and a little experimentation, you’ll be navigating the shadows of BG3 like a seasoned adventurer, torch in hand, ready to face any challenge that comes your way. Don’t forget to share your Torch Bg3 Controller-related tips and tricks in the comments below, and keep exploring the fascinating world of Baldur’s Gate 3!

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