How to Use a Controller on Plutonium

How to Use a How to Use a Controller on Plutonium on Plutonium?

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Listen up gamers! If you’re looking to play classic Call of Duty games on PC using the Plutonium emulator, you want to use a controller. Trust me, it makes a world of difference compared to a keyboard and mouse! In this guide, I’ll walk you through how to get your favorite controllers working smoothly with Plutonium. I’ve tested this myself using Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch controllers – so I’ve got you covered no matter your preference.

Why controllers matter for Plutonium

Alright, let’s kick things off by talking about why proper controller support matters so much for playing emulated COD titles.

Using a keyboard for movement and a mouse for aiming might work, but it just doesn’t compare to the fluidity of a dedicated controller. You need that analog precision to pull off quick movements, aim accurately, and react instantly in competitive multiplayer.

That’s where your DualSense, Xbox Elite, or other controller comes in. With some simple setup, you can dominate Black Ops 2 and Modern Warfare 3 matches on Plutonium just like you would on the console.

The controller lets you fully master the evolved, fast-paced action that makes COD so addictive. I’m pumped just thinking about it!

Step 1 – Getting Plutonium downloaded

Okay, let’s get you set up. First, you need to grab the Plutonium T6 emulator itself from the official site. Install it just like any other game.

One tip: put Plutonium in its own clean folder without any other files. This avoids potential issues down the line.

Step 2 – DS4Windows for controller support

Now for the secret sauce to get your controller working – a program called DS4Windows. Download and install the latest version.

DS4Windows basically acts as a translator between your controller and Plutonium. It converts the input so your gamepad works flawlessly.

Step 3 – Tweaking settings for your controller

With DS4Windows installed, plug in your controller via USB and fire it up. Take a minute to tweak the settings like button mapping, rumble, and other preferences.

If you have a DualSense, enable the advanced trigger options for the full next-gen experience while you dominate multiplayer.

Step 4 – Launching COD with your controller

Almost ready for combat, soldier! Keep DS4Windows running in the background, then open up Plutonium and load the COD game you want to demolish your enemies on.

Your finely tuned controller will automatically work thanks to DS4Windows handling the signals in the background. Now just queue up your favorite match and let the fragging begin!

Top controller recommendations for Plutonium

For you gamers looking to upgrade your setup, here are my top controller picks for Plutonium and COD:

  • Razer Wolverine V2 – the extra buttons and hair triggers are perfect for high-speed gunfights. This thing is a beast!
  • Xbox Elite Series 2 – the customization options give you an advantage. And the paddles allow you to perfect your controller skills.
  • Astro C40 – being able to swap out sticks and remap buttons on the fly makes this a versatile pro-level controller.

FAQs About Controller on Plutonium

Here are answers to some common questions about setting up and using controllers with the Plutonium emulator:

Q: Does Plutonium support a keyboard and mouse?

A: Yes, Plutonium allows playing with a keyboard and mouse. But using a controller is recommended for the best experience.

Q: What PC specs are needed for good controller performance?

A: Plutonium requires a minimum of 8GB RAM and a 4-core CPU. A dedicated GPU like Nvidia GTX 1060 or better is recommended for optimal graphics and responsiveness.

Q: Do wireless controllers work?

A: Yes, you can use wireless Bluetooth controllers with Plutonium as long as they are detected properly by DS4Windows.

Q: Can you use mods or cheats with a controller?

A: Plutonium has built-in anti-cheat so unauthorized mods are banned. Some visual mods do work with controllers.

Q: Does vibration feedback work on controllers?

A: Yes, rumble and vibration effects will work when configured in DS4Windows. Enable rumble for an extra level of immersion. 

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways About Controller on Plutonium

  • Using a controller improves aiming, movement, and quick reflexes needed for competitive Call of Duty gameplay on Plutonium.
  • Download DS4Windows to enable controller support and convert input for the emulator.
  • PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch Pro and more controllers are compatible.
  • Optimal controller options include the Razer Wolverine V2 and Xbox Elite Series 2.
  • Ensure DS4Windows is running before launching games on the Plutonium emulator.

Conclusion About Controller on Plutonium

Setting up your favorite controller to use with the Plutonium emulator only takes a few simple steps. The right gamepad makes a massive difference in control and handling when playing classic Call of Duty games.

Follow this guide to get controllers like the DualSense, Xbox Elite, and more working seamlessly with the emulator. DS4Windows handles all the input conversion in the background for smooth performance.

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